Car Value 1M and below Above 1M and below 2M 2M and above
Hand bag contents KES 5,000 KES 10,000 KES 20,000
Road rescue (AA of Kenya) Free Free Free
School fees (Upon Death or Permanent Disability) KES 250,000 KES 500,000 KES 1,000,000
Medical check-up with Aga Khan University Hospital (Blood Sugar, Pap Smear & Breast Examination) Free Free Free
Home Insurance (content cover) KES 100,000 KES 250,000 KES 500,000
Personal Accident for Insured KES 100,000 KES 200,000 KES 300,000
Accommodation after accident KES 5,000 KES 10,000 KES 20,000
Forced ATM withdrawal KES 20,000 KES 30,000 KES 40,000
Preloaded Oil Libya Fuel Card KES 500 KES 1,000 KES 1,500
Excess Protector Free Free Free
Political Risks, Terrorism & Sabotage Free Free Free
Shopping Vouchers KES 500 KES 1,000 KES 1,500
Lady Jubilee Gift Pack Free Free Free
  1. Authorization letters for the medical check-up will be provided by Jubilee Insurance upon request.
  2. We have replaced discount arrangements with Deacons, City Walk and Serena Spa with the following:
    1. Shopping vouchers
    2. Political Risks, Terrorism & Sabotage
    3. Free Excess Protector for all categories
  3. Free Road rescue with AA of Kenya for all categories
Last Expense Benefit:
✔ This is a funeral expense benefit payable to the nominated next of kin(beneficiary)upon death of the any member.
✔ The burial permit and death certificate will be required for claim settlement.

Personal Accident Benefit:
✔ Jcare provides a free Personal Accident benefit to the principal member.
✔ The benefit of Kshs.500,000will be payable to the nominated beneficiary in the event of accidental death of members above 18 years.
✔ Medical report and death certificate will be required for claim settlement.