1. This is a kind of a combined policy for home owners.
  2. It covers the building itself, contents whilst in the house and outside the house
  3. House servants against death or injury whilst in the course of employment and personal legal liability to third parties.
  4. This is insurance shaped around you – where you pick the cover you need, rather than pay for the cover you don’t need.
  5. Your policy is designed to cover unforeseen events like fire and theft.
  6. It doesn’t cover wear and tear or damage that happens gradually over a period of time.
  1. Building
  2. This is our Section “A”: Our Domestic Package cover protects your most valuable asset – your home – from damage caused by a variety of perils including extreme weather, fire,Lightning,thunderbolt,earthquake, explosion, subsidence damage (Full Details are in the policy) ‘Buildings’ is defined as follows:- a.) The house or flat and its outbuildings (including garages), swimming pools, ornamental ponds and fountains, hard courts, terraces, patios, drives, footpaths, walls, fences, gates, hedges, and fixed tanks providing fuel to the home. b.) Fixtures, fittings and decorations. These must all be at the address shown on your schedule and all used for domestic purposes and/or clerical business purposes only.

  3. Contents
  4. This is Section “B”: Covers contents of all description whilst in a building occupied continuously by the proposer/insured against fire & perils, theft and accidental damage.

  5. All Risks
  6. This is Section “C”: Covers portable valuables like jewelry, watches, spectacles, mobile phones, laptops etc. against fire & perils, theft and accidental damage. Cover provided here is against accidental loss or damage from whatever cause e.g. Fire, theft, breakage, hold up etc.

  7. WIBA/ Employer's Liability
  8. This is Section “D”: Covers personal injury to domestic servants e.g. stablemen, gardeners, cooks, cleaners and private watchmen whilst in the course of duty. This section is intended to give limited cover required (by law) of any employer. It is intended to compensate for injuries sustained and medical expenses incurred as a result of accidents suffered by domestic workers while in the course of duty.

    A domestic Employee is defined as follows: - A person you employ to carry out domestic duties in connection with your home and its land but who you do not employ in connection with any business, trade or profession.

  9. Owner's Liability
  10. This is Section “E”: Owners Personal Liability Covers owners’ legal liability to third parties [N.B: not members of his/her family or persons in his/her service out of the ownership (not occupancy) of the covered premises. It is possible for someone who does not own the premises, i.e., tenant, to insure this Section].

    Common Law imposes a duty on owners of property to maintain the same in a condition that may not cause injury to any person who visits the property or premises. Liability may arise under NEGLIGENCE if for instance, the owner has left gaping pits in his compound and he has not put any warning signs to that effect.

    Other sources of legal liability of an owner are Nuisance etc
    Look after your property and possessions. Your policy is designed to cover unforeseen events like fire and theft. It doesn’t cover wear and tear or damage that happens gradually over a period of time.

  11. Occupier's and Personal Liability
  12. This is Section “F”: Occupiers Liability Covers occupiers and personal liability to third parties in and out of premises. This includes liability caused by domestic animals like cats, dogs and horses. Duty of care so as not to injure or occasion injury to visitor is placed on an on an occupier of property/premises. This is derived from common law and usually the most common sources of liability are NEGLIGENCE, NUISANCE AND STRICT LIABILITY

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